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animelyricdubs's Journal

Anime Lyrics Dubs
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Welcome to animelyricdubs! This community is about bringing you lyrics to your favorite japanese songs and making them singable in English! Now you don't have to worry about memorizing all the songs in Japanese :-)

You must be wondering, what exactly IS a lyric dub, and how does it work? A lyric dub is where you take the romanji of a japanese song, take the translation, and make it singable.

Here's an example from the song Voice by CLOUD.
Todoketai todokanai kono omoi o
Karamawari shita mama no boku no jounetsu

Deliver the end of this seriousness
I become entangled in the bottom of enthusiasm as is

Thoughts that I want to, want to give to you, why don't they seem to reach you?
How can I smile, in this hard trial, what am I going to do?

See how it works?

Now, the community is limited posting. If you want to try your hands at dubs, email me at motorcycle_gurl at hotmail.com with the subject of "Dub Tryouts". A great tutorial on how to write them is found here: http://www.geocities.com/arpulver/ealawrite.htm#tutorial

The Egnlish Anime Lyric Archive has quite a selection of dubbed songs you can go through as examples.

Requests are allowed, but you MUST supply the ROMANJI, the TRANSLATION, and the MP3. Gotta listen to the song to make sure it's right, ya? ^.~