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Ano Hi No Go Go (Okui Masami, Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Song: Ano Hi No Go Go (The Afternoon Of That Day)
Sung by: Okui Masami
Anime:: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Placement: Second Ending of YGO! Duel Monsters
English Lyrics By: vanessa_chan

For some reason, I can remember
From back then, from the distant distant long ago
Red-orange colors, fills my dreamy gaze
The one answer is "I don't know"

I see the bright light, I hear happy sounds
Then everyone starts to widly dance around

'Cause I know that I should always be the true me
Though people say that being reckless's my guile
At this absurb time I have lots of energy
I'm not protected in dreams, in fact we are one great team!

Friends are pleasin', when they are around
They never end, even when we get into huge fights
Our hearts gather, in so many ways
Because our friendship is so tight

The future's so bright, now I want to sing
Now my thoughts alight and fly on silver wings

'Cause you know you should always be the real you
Your wishes and dreams are one big trial
I'm preparing everything so I can be true
I want to but I can't say, but everything will be okay

Little by little the time will pass us by
We won't notice it for quite awhile
The hope that is shining within my deep blue eyes
See the setting sun, it wraps everyone

'Cause I know that I should always be the true me
I can find myself when I see your smile
At this absurb time I have lots of energy
I know that we'll find our way, the afternoon of that day

Comments: Not much to say about this song. It's a pretty laidback, with a pretty simple theme.

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