Vanessa (vanessa_chan) wrote in animelyricdubs,

Voice (CLOUD, Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Song: Voice
Sung by: CLOUD
Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
Placement: First Opening of YGO!DM
English Lyrics By: vanessa_chan

Thoughts that I want to, want to give to you, why don't they seem to reach you?
How can I smile, in this hard trial, what am I going to do?

There's the unfinished magazine that's over there
Unlike my life I can go and finish reading it
Flipping through the boring channels without a care
Why am I always running fast behind the others?

At the park I can see the children play, I now wonder if I can be that way
I just want to be that happy someday, but I know that I'll never be okay

Looking at Game-Softs, I know that I should begin
But now it makes me wonder if I would ever win

I'll lean over the table towards you, but you don't know what I'm going to do
Whenever you turn red you are so cute, the passions increases times two

I realize that, we are so close, I want to say "I love you!"

Thoughts that I want to, want to give to you, why don't they seem to reach you?
My thoughts on my wings, what the future brings, what am I going to do?

What's truly mine, is my warm heart, but why does it break when we are apart?
It feels as if, I am not me, like I'm manipulated

Your voice I can't hear, yet it is so near, was blocked off by the huge crowds
Because I'm alone, I can't find my home, you would not be so proud

Not a dream, though it seems, seems that it was one
Why can't I, return to my, heart that didn't know anything about compassion at all?

Comments:This song isn't generally liked by the YGO! community, but franky, I think it's the best one. Some of the wordplays were really hard. I absolutely hated the "What's truly mine...I'm manipulated" lines. Those took me forever to come out somewhat right, and even now I'm still not very happy with it. Oh well.

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