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Itsuka No Iro (Asada Youko, Digimon Tamers)

Song: Itsuka no Iro (The Color Of Someday)
Sung by: Asada Youko
Anime: Digimon Tamers
Placement: Juri's Theme from Girl's Festival
English Lyrics By: vanessa_chan

Why must all the good children, be always led astray?
Do they always have to bother, with another lone at play?
They look at the same color, one that I always see
Yet they see a different thing from me

Tears of stars that are crying out despair
Yet the moon will smile and act like it will never care
The story that always appears when I am dreaming
I want to tell somebody

The question is: Why I’m here? Why I’m here?
Why am I in this world?
A woman’s child will stay near, she’s an obedient girl
You can’t learn, you can’t teach
Love doesn’t work that way
Unlike the melting chocolate, our love will always stay
We’ll just have to bear the future, search for the truth ahead!

Child why do you tip toe? Hidden even from light
The adults don’t even bother asking if he is alright
Changing color of my heart, keeps spinning round and round
Where does it stop at the place it’s found?

Fluffy clouds fluttering in the blue sky
Gravity my airy shoes have yet to prove and deny
Then the wind will start to blow at the dusty doorway
Opening it to the world

Even though you cannot say, cannot say
Am I the only one?
That’s feeling all this painful love, I am becoming to shun
Can you feel it? Can you feel it?
The love that’s in your heart?
It’s telling you to go ahead, it’s not too late to start
Don’t be afraid of the future

While searching, while searching
Hang onto the present
Dive into the next adventure, you’ll find it more pleasant
We’ll just have to bear the future, and find our true colors!

Comments:The original translation of this song had many metaphors in it, so it was interesting to try to translate that in a singable version. The song represents Juri in her depression, unable to pull herself out of the color she's in (whatever that may be).

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